Debbie Reynolds

Congratulations Debbie Reynolds on receiving the SAG 51st Annual Life Achievement Award
January 25, 2015!
The Catered Affair(1956), The Rat Race(1960), The Unsinkable Molly Brown(1964)

Caesar and Cleopatra








Historically speaking, I guess I am one of the few people that do like George Bernard Shaw’s version of these two ancient history Icons. Played by two of classic Hollywood’s acting icons, British born Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh.
Leonard Maltin is not happy with this British made film version but again I have to disagree with him. Watching this version made me want to learn more about the real life characters, Caesar born in 100bc and Cleopatra born in 69 bc, when they met in 49bc Cleo was 20 years old. That is where the story begins. Was the movie historically accurate, who knows but it is in color and was nominated for Art direction-Interior Decoration for 1945. A bonus to the film is having Stewart Granger as Apollodorus I’m thinking that kudos should have also gone out to the Costume Designer for this film.

Jane Wyman

January 5, 1917 ~ September 10, 2007
Brother Rat (1938), The Doughgirls (1944), Pollyanna (1960)
Happy Birthday Janie!

Luise Rainer

Remembering Luise Rainer ~ January 12, 1910 ~ December 30, 2014
The Great Ziegfeld (1936) The Good Earth (1937) Dramatic School (1938)

Fanny and Alexander

Take a visual break. Now that all of the preparation, planning and organizing the perfect family Christmas get together is over. Sit in that comfy recliner, kick back and travel back in time (even though you have to read sub-titles) to watch Fanny and Alexander’s best Christmas which would end up being their worst Christmas.

Depending on which version you watch it is 3-4 hours long and it is best to have your mind set on a Mini Series Adult Drama or a Downton Abbey type story only in Swedish.

The 1983 Ingmar Berman Film was his last movie and some say it was his best movie; Ingmar was nominated for an Oscar for Directing and the Screenplay written directly for the Screen. It won the Oscar for Sven Nykvist for Cinematography, Art Set Decoration for Anna Asp and Best Foreign Language Film for Sweden.

The vintage Christmas scenes at the beginning of the movie are like visual Christmas Candy for your eyes.

Remembering Vintage Christmases

Happy Holiday to all of our Classic Hollywood followers especially our friends just a little south of the North Pole!
Copy of Vintage style Christmas Postcard used by permission from Annichen Skåren of the:
Al St.John Project
Merry Christmas everyone!

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