Melvyn Douglas


TCM’s September Star of the Month Melvyn Douglas spent 63 years as an actor. From the eligible bachelor in his early films to notable character parts in his later years, you’re probably wondering why you don’t know him as well as Cary Grant. Perhaps most known for Ninotchka, he was the guy pursuing the very cold Greta Garbo, and made us believe she could finally be won over. Where do we like Melvyn Douglas best?

As the house guest and friend who won’t leave in Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House.

As the incorrigible playboy, opposite Irene Dunne in Theodora Goes Wild

Opposite Fred MacMurray fighting over Jean Arthur in Too Many Husbands

and of course as die hard Deanna Durbin fans

we love Melvyn as the crush catching Deanna’s eye in That Certain Age

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Summer Under the Stars ~ Dick Powell

Dick Powell crooned his way through the 1930’s in Busby Burkely musicals like Gold Diggers of 1933. Strong armed his way through the 1940’s as the hard boiled bad boy in noir’s like Murder My Sweet. Founded Four Star Production in the 1950’s with David Niven, Ida Lupino and Charles Boyer and directed his wife June Allyson in an updated version of the Classic movie ‘It Happened One Night’ with Jack Lemmon titled ‘You can’t Run Away From It’.
Versatility was Dick’s middle name.

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